8 Top SEO Strategies that Matter Most in 2020

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Why is SEO so important? It improves digital marketing ROI. It boosts credibility. It drives high-quality traffic to a website. It improves credibility among customers. It increases brand awareness. And it generates more leads and sales. However, SEO strategies keep changing every year. To avoid losing your search engine rankings, you must keep up will the SEO changes.

Here are the top SEO strategies that matter most in 2020.

1. Mobile Optimization

Search engines reward mobile-friendly websites with responsive design. Because more people use their smartphones to search for information online. So, build a mobile-friendly website that adjusts to the size of the screen it is viewed on. Is your website responsive? If you are not sure, hire a developer to make changes to your website.

2. Optimize for Rich and Featured Snippets

Want to stand out? Get rich or featured snippets. Rich snippets show your article’s title, description, images, prices for produces, and stars for reviews. Rich snippets are easier to get. Featured snippets show a lot of information on the search results. Featured snippets increase your CTR. However, it is hard to get Featured Snippets.

3. A Local Strategy

Local searches keep increasing every year. Why? More people are searching for information locally. If you are a local business, focus on keywords that include “close by” or “near me” or “city” or “town”. It is easy to rank for local keywords because you are competing with a few local businesses. Make sure your online properties are consistent with your name, phone number, and address.

4. Video

Videos improve conversion rates. So, more businesses use videos. It is clear potential customers love videos. Also, search engines love videos. However, most businesses avoid videos because creating videos take time. And it is expensive. If you are committed to growing your business, focus on videos. Hate creating videos? Hire a video production company to create them.


Google wants to understand natural language. So, it uses BERT to improves its understanding of natural language. Therefore, BERT impacts one in ten queries on Google search results. Applying BERT models increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google. Also, your content should match the user’s intent.

6. Content Length

The length of content determines search rankings. Want to beat your competitors? Create long-form and high-quality content. Content with more than 2,000 words ranks highly in the search engines. Long-form content not only comprehensively answers the question. It also increases dwell time, which tells the search engines that your readers love the content.

7. A Secure Website

A secure website is a must because it improves user experience. If your website visitors do not feel safe on your website, they return to the search engine immediately. If there is a “Not Secure” warning on your website, it increases your bounce rate, which negatively affects your search engines. Therefore, enable HTTPs protocol, which you visitors secure connection, for your website.

8. CTR and Dwell Time

CTR and dwell time are an important search engine ranking factors. Search engines rank websites that provide useful and informative content. If your website has a high bounce rate, your search engine rankings will be affected. However, if your users are satisfied with your website, they will stay on your website for a long time. The length of time affects your search engine rankings.

9. Long-Form Keywords

Long form keywords do not have a lot of competition. It is easy to rank for these keywords. If you are using these keywords, you will never have to build backlinks to your website. You just focus on creating the best content in your niche. You are competing with thousands of websites. Some of these webmasters have huge marketing budgets. So, they may outrank on high traffic keywords. If you want to beat, focus on long-form keywords with low traffic. You will rank easily. If you have several articles, your traffic will increase quickly.


These are the top SEO strategies that matter most in 2020. If you want to use SEO in 2020, focus on the SEO strategies mentioned in this article. SEO works if you are willing to do work. And if you are patient, you will see your traffic increase every month. The best thing you can do is focus on creating high-quality content that matches your website visitor’s intent.

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