What Exactly Is Technical SEO?

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Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the search engine crawlers to achieve better rankings. By making your website better optimized for non-humans, you should be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the search engines to be able to figure out what your website is about. Below, we will be going over some of the key things that you will want to do in order to ensure that your website is as technically sound and optimized as possible.

Technical SEO:

1. Mobile-Friendly

The most important thing that you will want to do is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Your website should be optimized to scale properly to various sized mobile devices. This is a very important factor to ensure that your website is optimized for crawlers because search engines like Google know and understand their target market.

The majority of people that actively use search engines nowadays are doing so on their mobile phones. Because of this, they are placing a higher priority on ranking the websites that offer a better and much more optimized experience for this segment of users. Therefore, your website must scale properly in order to achieve high rankings. If not, you will miss out on a large portion of your target market simply because your competition offers a responsive and mobile-optimized website.

2. Use SSL

Having an SSL certification is a must in today’s marketplace. Browsers alert users whenever they access a website that does not have proper authentication. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you have one to not only improve your visitor’s trust and to give them peace of mind, but also to appease Google and the other search engines. Google announced that they want to see HTTPS on all websites and they have adjusted their ranking criteria as a result. Therefore, if your website doesn’t have the requisite SSL certificate installed, you will not rank as high as the websites ranking for your keywords that do.

3. Ensure That Your Website Is Optimized For Speed

Another major technical SEO tip that you will need to utilize when you are trying to get your website to rank as well as possible within the search engines would be to ensure that your website is properly optimized for fast loading times and speed in general. Your website should be as speedy as can be to achieve the highest possible ranking. Google knows and understands how important site speed is to its users. With slow sites, users have poor experiences and they typically bounce off pages. Because of this, they work to factor in site speed in their ranking signal. Therefore, if your website is slow, you are bound to get ranking penalties as a result. The best way to speed your website up is through better image optimization, better code, using fewer plugins, using a fast DNS, and using a fast hosting provider.

4. XML Sitemap

This is one of the most common mistakes that new webmasters make. If you are going to be setting up a website, you will need to create an XML sitemap. Once you understand what an XML sitemap is and what it’s purpose is, you will understand the importance of getting your website optimized to rank better ‘technically.’

Essentially, this sitemap is designed as a file to help the search engines effectively understand what your website is all about. The sitemap is meant to provide a ‘road map’ of sorts where it dictates what each of your pages is about when each page was last modified, how frequently your pages are updated, and more. You could even think about it as a ‘table of contents’ for your website.

As you can see, there is plenty that you can do to ensure that your website is capable of achieving the highest possible ranking. By ensuring that your website is technically optimized, it should be able to achieve much higher overall rankings. While you want to optimize your website for humans to ensure that you are able to get it ranking higher, the search engine crawlers dictate how well your website is optimized. If the search engines can’t crawl your website effectively, they will be unable to see what your website is about and what it should be ranking for.

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